Book Tour Update

American Hemp is on the move!

American Hemp has been out in stores for a week now, and I’m excited to report that it’s listed as a #1 release on Amazon in the genre of Environmental Engineering. Pretty cool 💚and such a phenomenal feeling when someone chooses to read it!

Here’s a recap of the interviews I’ve done for the book that are now available online:

There was also an excerpt of the book in Salon -


Thank you to everyone who has supported AMERICAN HEMP. I’m really so glad to see there is interest in the subject and I hope the material in the book opens people’s eyes to how amazing this plant is for our health and our environment.

I’m waiting on a few more online reviews/interviews to be posted. A lot of the interviews I’ve done this week focus on new topics that I haven’t spoken about previously, so I’m glad I’m able to branch out as much as I can and spread the word about hemp!